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Sinnliche Massage | Feb 24, 2015

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Spieldauer: 28:22 Minuten


(1) The masseuse looks like she could be Charlotta's sister. Anyone else see this? (2) Love to see Charlotta be massaged by a Flora
HOT butt can get HOTTER!
the way
The way that Charlotta orgasms is beautiful. None of that internalization BS, just full on ecstasy. To answer Smooth's question, the practitioner must be clothed as a matter of professionalism. The fact that you and I want her to be nude doesn't overcome that requirement. Also if the practitioner is nude, her own need to be touched is elevated and that can create conflicts in the client relationship. It all has to do with the fact that the hands communicate far more than we expect .
Charlotta Pure Pleasure Massage
Oh boy, this woman is hot! And not shaved, even better!! Shame about the clothed masseuse, I thought they were a thing of the past? Zana has been naked in almost all of her previous videos, so why not here?! Anyway, Charlotta is the real deal, keep her coming!
Rose Bud Massage
When she has her on her stomach why does she not devote some time to her rose bud, you can almost see it winking at her yet she ignores it to concentrate on her vulva which she could devote her attention to when she flips her on her back?
All participants should be nude.
I cannot understand why any clothes need to stay on in any of these videos.
I love films like this. To watch a girl slowly being brought to orgasm is something special. This girl makes all the right sounds.....very nice! I really wish these massage films were more frequent. Time to get Rose on that table.....and bring Kiki back too. Anyway, beautiful film. :-P
Name of model please, thanks
Very nice. Name of model please, thanks
Satisfaction pur et simple
The pure sensual eroticmassage is back again on this site. Merci Petter.
Pure Pleasure Massage
It is welcome that the massage receivers are now being allowed unselfconsciously and dynamically to respond to the erotic sensations induced and evoked by the givers' skills. I would like this trend to be extended further towards increased mutual interactions between receivers and givers, as would be perfectly natural in such a sexually charged context. I would also like to see the 'Naked Reciprocity Principle' - in which both giver and receiver are naked - applied more often because this, too, is more contextually natural. I do understand, however, that these ideas can only be implemented with the voluntary consent of the active participants.
Pure Pleasure Massage
What a absolut georgeous and beautyful Woman....
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und total unbeeinflusst von der Kamera.

Einige Leute verhalten sich unnatürlich und befangen vor einer Kamera. Aber wenn jedes Atom Ihres Körpers vor Freude vibriert, vergessen Sie schon bald, daß Sie gefilmt werden.

In diesem langsam lodernden Massagefilm werden Sie unser Model sich total im Moment verlieren sehen. Alles woran sie denkt ist Genuss und Sinnesfreude...

und dieses Stöhnen in Ekstase am Ende ist der Klang vollendeter Befriedigung.

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