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Sinnliche Massage | Mar 17, 2015

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Spiritual Release Massage
I think that, for many if not most Hegré-Art Members, it's not that we want these films and videos to be more pornographic; it's that we want them to be more natural. If a person is receiving an intimate massage, it is more natural for hem to interact physically with the giver than to lie there passively. (Just imagine how you would behave in such circumstances!). These massages are so brilliant because - unlike most porn - the Hegré masseurs/masseuses are clearly focussed upon giving prolonged memorable experiences to the recipients of their skills without rushing towards the hoped for 'Happy Endings'. The usual result is delightfully aesthetic eroticism presented in magnificently beautiful images.
I am so please Hegre is updating massage films more regularly now,its the reason I have returned to the site.I respect other peoples views but it surprises me when I read that other members want these fantastic unique massage videos to be more like normal porn films,can you not watch porn stars kissing and fondling each other to orgasm on a million other sites? I hope Hegre will always keep these special massage films unique with either a man or woman massage another to orgasm.
Spiritual Release Massage
Bara is gorgeous and performed a very sensual massage. The candles, low light and the water made for such an intimate environment. I really love the fact that she was clothed for the massage while he was completely naked. He is such a big guy , so muscular and well endowed, that it made the fact that he was naked and fully exposed to her, while she could be hidden from his eyes, an advantage for her. It's sexy to see the women getting to enjoy a man while not having to be on display themselves. It was very hot to watch Bara bathing him and touching him so initimately while he remained motionless and just enjoyed her touch.
RE: archcon
Absolutely spot on, and what a ball-busting video that would be to have 2 wet orgasms
Awesome !! Finally, some interaction between both of them. Thank you. How about leave the bra and panties on the floor . Let's see both of them get wet together and massage each other, kiss each other, fondle each other and caress each other, while they are both massaging each others genitals until the mutual orgasms occur, not necessarily at the same time. That would be the ultimate.
Spiritual Release
Really great film, we haven't seen one this good for a while. Let's hope there is more to come with the other male models. Also like the engagement ring, nice touch.
Bara is so beautiful on so many levels. So graceful, so sincere, so exquisitely intimate. I would love to see these two escalate to give each other oral. At one point it looked like they both wanted to, when he was kissing her lower tummy and she was kissing his chest and then abs. Please more Bara, a lot more Bara. I loved the way also that it was her kiss that made him cum.
RE: Spiritual release Massage
On my side, I understand what you say and I get your point, but I'm glad she didn't because that shows that she was working for him, not for the cam. Provided that he kept eyes closed all time along it does not makes any differences if she is naked or not, except for us, on the other side of the cam. I like to think the cam is absent for her and she just do her massage. Maybe I'm wrong and it was a directed choice, but anyway I'm happy with it :)
Much, much more of Bara please !
Simply superb.
Wonderful release
Nice wonderful slow massage, he has such a nice body that it is always nice to see him in these videos, with that said any chance of seeing different models in this format instead of the same male model.....the masseur was beautiful herself, like the others here would have been nice to see her wonderful shape too but It didn't take away from my lea sure of the massage...his release was so anticipated by the time he came I loved the way as soon as she kissed him at the end it made him cum...thank you for the video
I was going to complain about the non-naked masseuse until the interaction between the two of them started, and that was a real treat. I was convinced he was going to help her out of her lingerie (I was certainly hoping he would!) which would have been stunning, but you are heading in the right direction with this video, so carry on!
Her kiss at the end is great. She could have easily skipped that and no one would have blinked. For me it shows the woman cares and isn't just doing another "hand job". It's a big deal. And no, it doesn't mean she wants to marry him. lol
That was very erotic and sensual. Like the others, my only complaint is it would have been better if she was at least topless. She was allowing him to roam about her body, to have seen her body react to his touch in the same way would have been divine. Great job.
Spiritual Release Massage
Good to see that she didn't take off her engagement ring. Fianceé would be pleased.
A peaceful and lovely video. The ending of the video was appropriate and well deserved.
Spiritual release massage.
Yes, a gorgeous film. I particularly liked the slow pace. The climax was terrific..... A couple of suggestions - the lighting was so low in the first half that we lost definition in the film (even on the full HD version). And it would have been even nicer to see her without any clothes too. Anyway keep up the good work; the B/G massage films are always awesome!
Spiritual release Massage
Beautifully done. An intimately 'close-up-and-personal' interactive massage. Although I acknowledge that masseuses and masseurs have an absolute right to choose whether or not to be nude, it just seemed a pity that Bara - a professional Tantrika/Dakini - did not remain naked for the rest of the massage after she had removed her wet costume. That would have been the most natural thing to do. Nevertheless, this is a minor criticism of what is a sensuously lyrical and almost romantically erotic presentation.
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Selbstlose Liebe

Sie gibt sich ihm hin

Dieser wahrhaft schöne Massagefilm führt Sie in einen Tempel voll östlicher Mystik.
Kerzen flackern, bezaubernde Düfte erfüllen die Luft und drinnen wartet die liebevollste, zärtlichste und sinnlichste Massage aller Zeiten auf Sie.

Die Verehrung seiner Sinne beginnt zunächst mit einem Reinigungsritual mit warmen Wasser. Sein Körper wird dann auf den nächsten Schritt vorbereitet: die intime zärtliche Berührung durch eine Liebhaberin. Mit sanften Küssen und erfahrener Berührung leitet sie die Verschmelzung zweier Geistern , zweier Körpern und zweier Seelen zu einer Einheit ein.

Das Endresultat sollte man auf keinen Fall verpassen.

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