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Sinnliche Massage | Apr 22, 2014

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Spieldauer: 35:16 Minuten


yoni massage
There is clear steaming hot excitement in this massage. The masseuse is using her own technics, strokes and attentions, with lots of joyfull responses. Revisiting the previous yoni massage in nr 15 I do like to see the masseuse in her complete nudity working with the whole of her body.
Yoni Worship Massage
One of the more vocal and physically reactive massage recipients, and she clearly enjoyed the orgasmic experience. I am always surprised by the stamina of the masseuses in these videos. Each has her own techniques which are deployed for half an hour or even longer. I greatly appreciate this because I have learned a great deal from them.
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Sacred Sexuality

Enter her divine passage.

Give your woman the ultimate sexual experience – the Yoni Massage. The Yoni (an ancient symbol for divine procreative energy) is a sacred part of her body. Focus your attention there for the best multiple orgasms.

In this mystical, atmospheric film you’ll be taken into the world of the Yoni massage. As candlelight glistens off her body, watch how she climaxes time after time (you’ll lose count).

Her body is taken to another level of sexual satisfaction, with every muscle dancing for joy.

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